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So basically I've got some tear-off posters and a bunch of cubees. Here's what's going on...

The tear-off posters are just some fun things I like to post on the wall of my classroom to give my students a chuckle now and then. Remarkably, they actually tear off the items and take them, which is not what I initially intended (they were just supposed to be funny) but now the students look forward to the next one that I will post and will actually come in before school starts to get first pick. I know...odd. They were all made with Photoshop and I have developed a mini-lesson where my students must devise and create a custom tear-off poster of their own.

The cubees are also a lesson I use with my students - they have to create a cubee with their own face on it in Photoshop. As I was developing that lesson, I downloaded and built the Doctor Who cubees created by Cyberdrone so I could get some practice building cubees...then decided that I would make some changes to them here and there to increase their accuracy. Then I thought I would make a custom one from scratch myself (Ultraman) and do some edits on some of other favorites (Black Knight, Leprechaun, etc.).

The hats came out of my wanting to provide a simple little addition for my students to print up and add to their creation, so I made one hat for each team. Then a few different variations. Then it got out of hand. Now there over 1000 hats on here. I challenge you to build all of them :-). I'll continue to add more as I create them, but I have no aspirations to create them all......that would not only be impossible (there apparently is no actual list of all hats worn by every MLB team through history), but would be time prohibitive. So I just make the ones I like or that are fairly easy to put together. I do plan on making the July 4th and All Star hats and the like for each future year as they are basically the same design used over and over for each team. If you have a team that you would like me to make a cubee hat for just let me guarantee I'll make it, but I'll try to get it done.

A quick word about the hats: they are sized to be slightly bigger than most cubee heads, so you should just have to print and cut them out and set then on top of your cubee's head. With some cubees though it may be necessary to resize the hat template to make it fit the head. You're on your own for pulling this off. Of course, you can if you like print out all of the hats for your favorite team - most teams have between 30 and 40 different hats right now - and display them as a show piece in your man cave.



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